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Application deadline extended: Completed 2023 HLLA applications due January 1, 2023!

Feed your passion. Grow your potential. Showcase your opportunity.


To avail an aspiring and deserving youth the opportunity to own, develop and show a valuable dairy calf. The Hellenbrand Lasting Legacy Award will be 50% ownership in a calf born from a recent World Dairy Expo breed champion. This year’s award will be an Ayrshire calf from Marilie Gentleman Karmina, the 2021 WDE Ayrshire Grand Champion. Subsequent awards will be selected from other dairy breeds on a rotational basis. A new condensed 12-month timeline is in place for future awards. The deadline to apply for the 2023 HLLA calf award for the daughter of 2021 Grand Champion Marilie Gentleman Karmina has been extended to January 1, 2023.


To continue the legacy of Mike Hellenbrand and honor the work of Mike and his wife, Linda. This award will provide interested and motivated youth with the opportunity of raising a dairy calf, nurturing her genetic potential, and presenting her in the show ring. Through this experience, the winning young person will become a working partner in raising, showing, breeding and promoting an animal with valuable breed-leading genetics.


Youth between the ages of 12 and 20*years of age (*to be eligible to show as a junior, must still be 20 yrs as of 1/1/2023), Eligible individuals will be from the United States, have some dairy experience and have ready access to the farm that will house the winner’s heifer calf. To be considered for the award, an applicant must designate a suitable mentor. A letter from the designated mentor that indicates a willingness to support the applicant and provides a detailed mentoring plan must accompany the application.

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  • Nominations and applications can be submitted any time during the year.

  • Completed 2023 applications will be due January 1, 2023!


  • Enthusiasm, motivation, work ethic and experience

  • Evidence of initiative, experience and involvement in the community

  • Knowledge, skills and positive attitude for the show ring and high-type dairy cattle

  • Mentor selection and support

  • Access to a suitable farm destination for the winning calf/heifer. That is, a farm that is not only accessible but welcoming and supportive of the winner and judged to be acceptable by the evaluators or Advisory Board

  • Written and verbal communication skills


  • Individuals with previous or current close ties with Mike and Linda Hellenbrand and who are familiar with their past support of youth. These individuals will have an interest in valuable genetics and knowledge of the work necessary to have success in the show ring

  • Previous winners of the award

  • Breed organization representative(s) committed to publicizing, marketing and financing aspects of the award and its recipient

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